A Little Bit About Me

I am a SAHM of 3. I have to sons and 1 daughter. My life is full of adventures as my children are all VERY active. I live in a small town in Upper Michigan. I blog when I have enough free time to write. Hopefully I will be able to this alittle more often than I have been. I really want to learn how to make my blog a success. I appreciate every one of my followers. Once I get myself up and running I am hoping to be able to give back to all of you.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


    I'm not sure basketball is suppose to be a contact sport.  Maybe if you were participating in extreme basketball. 
   Our team and the teams we play against ( I have noticed over the last few years) are very competitive.  They always end up with alot of fouls being called.  When it comes to holding on to the ball to get a jump ball neither lets go.  They don't care if the other player is swinging them around in circles, they hold on like someone superglued them there.
  Last night was our 4th game into the season.  The seasons for the younger kids don't last very long.  we have 5 weeks of reagular games and 4 tournaments left for our season.
  When the season started me had 2 boys on injured reserve. One had broken his knee during the summer and the other broke his shoulder in November.  It was great when both boys got their medical release to play again.  Our team was back to complete.
  Last night at the basketball game, my oldest son was going for the ball.  Apparently he didn't see that someones foot was in his path, he tripped of course.  He hit the floor pretty hard and got up crying.  A trip the the emergency room followed the game.  He broke his humerus. 
  I think his season is over for the year.   Though we will not know for sure until Thursday when he sees the orthopedic surgeon.  So he is now on the injured reserve list aling with one of his buddies who broke his foot last week.


Saturday, January 28, 2012


The Penny Hoarder is having a give away for an 8GB Ipod Touch (White).  You have a little over 11 days left to enter this giveaway.
My youngest son has an Ipod Touch and they are awesome little gadgets.  The Apple Store has many free apps available for download. 

The Ipod Touch can be used to watch digital copies of movies, play games, has a camera and a video recorder. 

So head on over toThe Penny Hoarder to enter the rafflecopter.  Good luck and remember you can't win if you don't try.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I recently won a Ganz Bear in a giveaway from Between The Lines.  It is so soft, cuddley and completely adorable as u can see.  The fur on it is very fluffy and soft. 

My little one isn't much into stuffed toys or dolls yet but she is always hugging and holding her Ganz.  She cuddles with it at bedtime and always wants to have it with her when she is playing around the house or when we go anywhere.  It has become our "Don't Leave Home Without It" toy.

I love the way the bear is made and so does Annalise.  


It is very sad how the worth of people is (at times) judged by the decisions they make in life.  As far as I am concerned whether a person uses drugs or is head of the PTA they are still a human being and the concern for then should be equal.

Lacey Marie Buenfil is a 25 year old mother of 3 who went missing in Florida on December 27, 2011.  It would be great if everyone who read this could band together to like the Praying for Lacey facebook page and please findit in your hearts to share this page with your friends.  Maybe someone has seen her. 
The circumstances surrounding her disappearance can be read and heard through the video posted above.  This is not a situtation where people should be saying "If she didn't do drugs".  She is a human being, a mother, a daughter, a granddaughter. 
I have made my share of mistakes in my life.  Everyone has some kind of skeleton in their closet.  Only God Can Judge.  Please share her page and story.  Lets all try to help this family find the one they love. 
I would like to thank everyone ahead of time for doing what they can to help this family reunite these 3 precious little angels with their MOMMY!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

$100 and Visalus Balance Kit Giveaway

    This event is sponsored by Drink Yourself Skinny an Independent Distributor of the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge. The 90 Day Challenge is not just a weight loss program it is a health and wellness program that can help you loose weight, tone up, or build muscle. Visalus offers those looking to become healthy the ability to refer 3 of their friends or family to the program and get their monthly kit for free. Plus everyone who joins the Challenge is eligible for the prizes, trips, and rewards offered by the company. Every 90 days new winners are chosen in several categories for the biggest overall transformation to win prizes like Hollywood Make-Overs and Tropical Cruises.   Being healthy is a great choice for myself and my family.. I want to be able to have more energy to do things with my kids   a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Calling All Bloggers – Free Giveaway Signup!

Calling All Bloggers – Free Giveaway Signup!


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Monday, January 16, 2012


  If you have never heard of superpoints it's a great way to earn free gifts cards to help with Christmas, birthdays or anything you want.
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My New Years Resolution

This year I my resolution is to get my house organized and remove all the clutter.
  When Paul and I started dating 8 years ago we both had our own places.  when we moved in together we moved his stuff to my apartment.  Although we did get rid of some of the stuff we also kept alot more.  After we had been together just over 2 years he got a house.  At the time I was in a lease so I kept my apartment.  Well that was a new place that needed furniture and stuff.  So we got the things he needed there that I still needed at the apartment.  Then 6 months later when my lease was up I moved into the house with him.  We had been living together in the house for the most part through that time but I didn't want to break my lease and it was alos nice to have somewhere else to go and relax if I needed some me time.  We moved everything from the apartment to the house that he was in. Another 2 residences worth the junk, combined together.
   In 2008 we bought a house. As we moved we sorted through and got rid of a little bit (not even half) of the junk we had accumulated in the 4 1/2 years we had been together.  The rest of it we took with us and just put it all in the basement in boxes and totes.  That was almost 4 years ago and most of it was still sitting down there untouched and pretty much forgotten about.  The only change was that in the amount of time we have been here we have just accumulated more and added it to the basement full we already had. 
  When we bought the house there was Paul, Austin Bryce and I.  It's a 3 bedroom house, two bedrooms downstairs and ove half of the upstairs is one bedroom (when u first go up there stairs there's like a hallway that goes to the bedroom, only wide enough for dressers and a walk space). 
 In February 2010 (I was 37 at the time) I had a positive pregnancy test.  Sometimes it's amazing how much room you need for someone so small.  Not to mention all the bedrooms are full.  My boys are typical brothers and 100% boy.  They would bicker, whine and tattle on each other from when Austin got up (Bryce was always up first or it would have been when he woke up), until Austin left for school.  After school it would start up again as soon as they were both home and continue until either I was at my wits end with it and seperated them or Bryce fell asleep.  So we let them each keep their own rooms and put the baby upstairs in our room.  All of a sudden the family room is full of toys and baby furniture... YAY!!!! More clutter.... NOT!!!
  It had gotten to the point that I got completely overwhelmed just trying to think of where to start.  That just led to me not starting at all. I'm sure we all know what happens when you don't start to do it.  It seems to multiply on it's own and just keep growing. 
  I made myself a promise that I was not going to let it go another year.  I sat down one day and started going through it.  Take about packrats....  reciepts from as far back as 2005, broken toys, at lest 12 empty shoe boxes, broken Christmas balls, I'm sure you know where I'm going with this..
  The weekend before New Years Eve was when I started.  I figured if I got started before 2012 that I was already starting the New Year with less clutter and disorganization.  New Years Eve was spent starting to move the boys upstairs so that Annalise could finally have her own room (downstairs) so her toys could go in there.  Especially since Santa brought her a Step 2 kitchen and my family room is pretty small (having an Air Hockey Table in it doesnt help much either). 
  It feels good to be gettting organized and getting rid of the clutter in the house.  I relaxed after I started to declutter my surroundings, that even my emotions and thoughts seemed less disorganized and less cluttered.  The house is a work in progress.  I know it's going to take some time. I know I can't get it all done in a day, so I do a little bit eveyday during the week and on the weekends Paul and I make a day of it.  My parents take my kids so we can work on getting it done.  It's amazing the difference there seems to be in everyones attitudes and moods since we are starting to get there. 
  I know that I am less irritable and frustrated.  I no longer feel overwhelmed thinking about it.  I just decided that there was no more thinking about where to start and I just picked a spot that I knew would make me want to do more.  I started with all the paper (reciepts, bank statements, check stubs, all the good stuff), grabbed to plastic tote type file cabinets and labeled all of the folders.  It was unbelieveable the difference just getting papers into one place made. 
 So if by any chance any of you are feeling overwhelmed.  If your looking around saying where do I start.  STOP !!!!  Please don't sit and think about it letting your thoughts overwhelm you.  Just pick a task, even the first thing that comes to mind, and do it.  It sounds hard but once you start it is so worth it.
HAPPY ORGANIZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Makers of Memories Foundation

Makers of Memories Foundation: Like Makers of Memories on Facebook and support the charitable organization here: http://on.fb.me/AkbWL3. *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.