A Little Bit About Me

I am a SAHM of 3. I have to sons and 1 daughter. My life is full of adventures as my children are all VERY active. I live in a small town in Upper Michigan. I blog when I have enough free time to write. Hopefully I will be able to this alittle more often than I have been. I really want to learn how to make my blog a success. I appreciate every one of my followers. Once I get myself up and running I am hoping to be able to give back to all of you.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


As bloggers we know that our fan base is very important.  Bay Area Mommy is offering all of us a wonderful opportunity to increase our facebook fans by having FREE giveaway signup.  As long as you follow the participation requirements and fill out the form you are eligible to be on the rafflecopter.  There is not maximum limit on the bloggers who can participate in this giveaway, no minimum for your stats and best of all.. Participation is FREE! So head on over there and sign up. Hope to see you all in the rafflecopter.

So head on over to Bay Area Mommy and sign up. Hope to see you all in the rafflecopter.

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